Some basic stuff about Cambodia (partially plagiarised from a great mission outline I was given last year)…

The Kingdom of Cambodia shares its borders with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The capital of Cambodia is Pnom Penh and there is a national population of approx. 13.6 million.

The majority of Cambodians are Theravada Buddhists (around 95%) and others are Christian and Muslim. The official language of Cambodia is Khmer with English, French, Chinese and Vietnamese being spoken in limited areas.

Cambodia is in the +7GMT (3 hours behind Australia).

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

This country has a noble and terrible history. Some of the most notable times/events include the impact the Vietnam war had on Cambodia; being a protectorate of France; and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge just over 30 years ago, The Khmer Rouge established a brutal Communist regime that ruled until 1979. In September 1993 the government ratified a new constitution restoring the monarchy and establishing the Kingdom of Cambodia.
According to the 2008 census survey, 65% of the Cambodian population was found to be under the age of 29. During Pol Pot’s reign many who were seen as educated (e.g. professors, politicians, doctors), religious (e.g. monks), and many others, were executed. Countless horrible atrocities were committed during this regime and as a result this nation has had to rebuild itself from the ground up – something which has happened admirably fast, a real example of the country’s resilience.

Please keep these things in mind when you pray for Cambodia’s development in the coming years. ¬†Ask that God reveals himself to individuals in a real and personal way. God is all-powerful; he was there long before I ever set foot on Cambodian soil, and he will be there long after, thankfully!

(Information courtesy of Plunge Gap Year and National Institute of Statistics Cambodia)

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