Short Update & Urgent Prayer Request

Oh my, the weeks are flying past at an ever-increasing rate, and God seems to be pulling things together and bringing people into my life to encourage and challenge me in all sorts of contexts.

Even at home, it has been a rather tumultuous two weeks as some family issues have come up that have affected my parents in particular, and made me realise how much Mum’s singing, or lack of singing, affects my ability to cope with things, quite like having a canary in a mine shaft. Although it isn’t directly related to my own journey, I believe my parents could really use your prayers right now as some members of my extended family have suffered great loss and pain and it has come as a shock. God has been teaching us all things through it, and we have been praising God the whole way through, despite the hurt. We’re just hoping that each of our dark seasons end sooner rather than later.

On a rather urgent note, the Transit Hotel at Singapore Airport that I had requested a booking at has informed me that there is no room for me to stay there. This is where I will have an 8-hour stopover and, at this time, it’s looking like my options are rather limited and I might have to spend the night sleeping out in the public section of the airport, which would be alright if it were during the day, or if I were with people I knew and trusted, but as I will be travelling alone this will mean I will have to manage my own security and guard my own luggage – difficult to do when I’m also trying to sleep. I know it’s not a likely request, but please pray that a cancellation opens up a spot for me to have somewhere to sleep in the hotel for a few hours, as this was what my parents and I have been praying for. I know God has come through for us in impossible situations before, so if you could please join with us in praying for a hotel room in Singapore Airport, I would greatly appreciate the prayerful support, and I am hoping that God will surprise us again with his bigger plans. He is so very great and loving, and I trust that if he has brought me this far he will continue to fulfil every need for me and my family in the coming weeks and months, just as he has promised. Perhaps this might not come in the way that I might expect, but I trust that he will come through – we just need to keep asking and trusting!

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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