Prayer Point – Pray for the Gremlins to Get Out of my Computer and Camera Gear!

I’m not sure why, but my blog has been loading horribly for the last week or so, so I’ve had a lot of trouble updating. I’ve been having a few other issues with my camera’s brand new (rather expensive) memory card, which I’ve now had to write off as unusable, and my new card reader is also playing up. Please pray that my computer sorts itself out; I have no idea what the problem is but I can’t use the browser or the Windows 8 app to update this blog, so all my updates will probably look quite messy! I’ve tried everything from scanning for viruses, to emptying my cache/deleting cookies, to running C Cleaner and using different browsers. Nothing’s helped so far…
Hopefully I’ll have a more complete update to come quite soon, but in the meantime know that I haven’t forgotten you all, I have simply had page errors that have prevented me from being able to figure out how to update this blog. I hope this update actually works!
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4 Responses to Prayer Point – Pray for the Gremlins to Get Out of my Computer and Camera Gear!

  1. We are here praying and your blog update worked! Love D

    • eleshia123 says:

      Oh awesome to hear the update worked! Thanks so much for your prayers Donna, feels like everything came under attack at once! Praying against the enemy’s attempts to upset me. A lot of tears and frustration, but I’m hoping to face the coming week with faith that God will carry me through and make the impossible possible.

  2. Beryl Kirkwood says:

    Thank you for your news after this e-mail. So sorry you have had such disappointment with your camera and your It and hope there’ll be a way to remedy this for you.

    It must have been a bit scary on that motorbike visit glad to know you got back safely.

    As you battle with not understanding language may you have God given understanding of the circumstances and be able to feel included.

    In these days may you experience God as the provider, companion and helper in a very real way.

    May His presence comfort and sustain you each day no matter what might occur.

    With love and prayer,


    • eleshia123 says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers and support Beryl – good to know I’m not the only one to find a foreign language exhausting after a while! I’ve been so blessed to feel included within the Christian Care For Cambodia team so early in my time here. The team consists of two other Australian staff and several Khmer staff, some of whom may speak little or no English. Two or three of them have fairly good English skills though, so one has become my Khmer tutor (although our cook is giving the tutor a run for hi money). Pip’s been delighted with how much I’ve been able to pick some of the language up in the past few weeks. I can’t say I’m at all able to sustain conversations, but I’m learning to speak much like a first grade kid again, proudly announcing that I can tell the time (and then proceeding to tell people that it’s “rice o’clock” instead of “3 o’clock”). It’s good for me to remember just how hard English is in comparison to Khmer, so I can have some empathy with the students I’m teaching in the school.

      God is good 🙂 Thank you again for your prayers Beryl, I so appreciate them!

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